Durability Plans are now a common requirement for many Australian infrastructure projects. An asset owner’s focus is not only on capital costs but on minimizing maintenance and avoiding operational disruptions. In many cases carrying out durability assessment is an integral part of the project delivery

For the construction of major transport, civil and water facilities many asset owners recognize that dependence on Construction and Design Standards alone are unlikely to produce structures that will meet the required service lives.

Durability Plans provide a framework for the design of assets and components so their service lives are realised. In formulating an effective plan the impact of micro and macro environmental loadings and the effects of certain destructive external agents on building materials are assessed.

Over the past 10 years Graeme Hastie and James Aldred have been engaged writing or reviewed durability plans for major projects. These include:

  • Pacific Highway upgrade (Ballina Bypass, Kempsey Bypass and Woolgoolga to Ballina projects);
  • Sydney Metro North West Rail Link ;
  • Sydney Metro Citi Southwest rail tunnel;
  • Sydney desalination plant;
  • WestConnex M4 reconstruction;
  • Nepean River Shared Path Bridge and;
  • Sydney East Cable Tunnel
  • Canberra Light Rail
  • Northern Beaches Hospital
  • Doha Convention Centre
  • Moorebank Intermodel Freight Terminal (IMEX)
  • Epping to Thornleigh Third Track
  • Jebel Ali Termial 3
  • M5
  • Etihad Rail
  • Moreton Bay Rail Project
  • Klang Valley MRT Project
  • Regional Rail Link – Victoria
  • Gateway
  • Wynyard Walk