Munna Point Bridge

The Munna Point Bridge was built in 1979. It has 7 spans. Each span is 15m long and the bridge total length is 105m. The width between kerbs is 7.39m accommodating two lanes of traffic. The pedestrian path width is 1.85m.  The bridge superstructure is simply supported with each span consisting of 15 precast deck units and 3 precast kerb units that are tied together transversely with tensioned stressing bars.

The superstructure is supported on 6 piers and 2 abutments. Each pier consists of a crosshead and twin columns supported on a pile cap and 10-450mm octagonal prestressed piles. Each abutment consists of a reinforced concrete wall supported on 9 octagonal piles.

Figure 1: The half-cell potential measurement map for one of the piers indicating the widespread corrosion necessitating cathodic protection

Noosa Council engaged Marine and Civil Maintenance to carry out rehabilitation of the Munna Point Bridge. The rehabilitation is to extend the bridge serviceable life to year 2065. AECOM was engaged by Marine and Civil Maintenance to provide structural strengthening and cathodic protection design services for this bridge. The engineering certification for the civil works during inspection and rehabilitation was undertaken by Dr James Aldred as the Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ)..

Figure 2: Cores into one pier indicating significant corrosion.

The success of the bridge rehabilitation is referred to Noosa News article.