Fire Resistant Geopolymer

A proprietary geopolymer concrete slab nominally 4700 mm long x 3000 mm wide x 170 mm thick was subjected to a standard fire test. The slab was supported on two ends and subject to a total dead load of 5.5 kPa or 7232 kg as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Loading of geopolymer slab prior to fire test.

The furnace was lined with refractory bricks etc as specified in AS 1530:4 and heated by combustion of a mixture of natural gas and air. The temperature during testing followed AS 1530:4 with no variation. CSIRO’s certificate of test confirms the structure adequacy at 91 minutes as well as integrity and insulation at 121 minutes.


Figure 2: Condition of the top surface after 2 hour fire test.