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Concrete Future is an independent company which provides specialist investigation and consulting services to producers, contractors and consultants in the public and private sectors. Concrete Future’s consultants have specialist knowledge and understanding of concrete properties and deterioration processes, corrosion protection and material selection for the building, infrastructure and industrial sectors.

Our team has over 100 years of accumulated experience on a wide range of projects around the world. These capabilities are an important resource to the global engineering and construction industry.

Concrete Future’s team includes;

Our Technical Director, Dr. James Aldred has 35 years experience in the concrete industry. James was Independent Verifier for the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which is the world’s tallest tower. He is also Technical Director (casual) with AECOM’s Materials group and Adjunct Associate Professor at UNSW. 

Dr. Mohamad Nagi has more than 30 years experience in construction materials, corrosion of metals, durability, repair and non-destructive test methods. Currently a consultant with Concrete Future and serves as the Director of Infrastructure Sustainability and Assessment Centre at the American University of Dubai.

Graeme Hastie is an experienced civil engineer and concrete technologist with extensive commercial and technical experience in the cement industry, concrete industries and in civil engineering construction. Graeme is a Consultant with Concrete Future, Director of Construction Materials Technology and an Associate Director of BG&E Materials Technology.



Dr. James Aldred

Technical Director
Technical Director – Concrete Future


Technical Consultant
 BE(Civil) CEng MICE
Consultant – Concrete Future
Director-Construction Materials Technology
Associate Director – BG&E


Technical Consultant
BSc(Civil) MSc PhD PE FACI
Consultant – Concrete Future
Director Infrastructure Sustainability and  Assessment American University in Dubai


The Concrete Future team has the following capabilities: 

Specification Review:

Concrete future's experienced consultants provide independent specification review services.

Concrete Mix Advice:

Concrete Future's specialist team can help your concrete achieve the required rheology, pumpability, thermal and durability performance. We provide high performance concrete mix development including high stength, high density, low temperature rise and self-compacting concrete (SCC)

Durability Planning and Service Life Prediction Modelling:

The Concrete Future team uses various models to evaluate the rate of deterioration of a variety of structures. This enables us to estimate future performance of these structures and provide practical durability planning.

Condition Assessment:

Planning and implementation of condition investigations for concrete and steel structures.

Design and specification of remedial works:

We can design remedial and strengthening works including fibre composite laminates, concrete patch repairs, cathodic protection, chloride extraction, re-alkalisation and protective coatings.

Field and Laboratory Testing:

Concrete Future can provide diagnostic techniques to determine strength as well as the type and extent of any deterioration mechanism.

Thermal Analysis:

In large concrete elements the heat from the hydration process causes the temperature at the centre of the element to rise. if the peak temperature is excessive, there is risk of delayed ettringite formation, strength reduction and thermal restraint cracking. Concrete Future's specialists can advise on mix adjustments to reduce these detrimental effects and model the estimated thermal performance.

Legal Services:

Experts often play a critical role in arbitration and litigation. The more complex or important a matter, the more likely the quality of the expert advice and testimony will determine the outcome. The Concrete Future team has a unique combination of state-of-the-art knowledge and practical engineering skills which could tip the balance in your favour.